Best radar detectors compared

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Professional tips on how to choose a new radar detector





If you’ve been looking for the best car radar detector in 2017 but you feel like you are unsure about which feature is the most important, we’re here to tell you. Range makes the difference between a spectacular radar detector and one that doesn’t do you any good. Range is closely connected to the number of bands that the device is capable of detecting.

BPolice units traditionally use 4 different types of bands when screening for speeders: X, K, Ka and laser bands.

It goes without saying that you should try to purchase a model that is able to detect the aforementioned bands. To make sure you receive an accurate signal, focus your efforts on discovering a model that comes with 10db of sensitivity or more. Models that come with modes for driving in the city or on a highway are even better, because they’re able to differentiate signals and avoid transmitting false alarms.

Considering the fact that the police have the freedom to use devices which track radar detectors, it might be a good idea for you to get a model that features Vg- Non Detection and Vg-2 Alert. In Washington D.C. and Virginia radar detectors are prohibited. So if you still intend on using one, at least try to get one that doesn’t blow your cover.



The best radar detectors available in 2017

Products we recommendPriceDetected bandsGPS based speed camera alertsOur ratingBest price on:
Escort 9500ix
1.Escort Passport 9500ix
$$$$X, K, Ka, Ku and laser detectionYes, with constant
Cobra XRS9370
2.Cobra XRS9370
$$360° Protection against
14 radar bands including
KU-band, Pop Mode Radar
Gun Detection
laser detection
Not availableAAmazon
Valentine One
3.Valentine One Radar
$$$$ 360° Protection against
X-band, K-band,
Ka-band, Super Wide
Ku Band,
laser detection
Not availableB+Amazon
Escort Passport Max2 HD
4.Escort Passport
$$$$All radar bands and
laser detection
Yes, with constant
Whistler Cr90
5.Whistler Cr90
$$$All radar bands and
laser detection
Yes, with constant



Extra things to consider


Older models used to display strictly visually. Nowadays, modern ones generally feature audio warnings, aside from the visual ones. Yet again, the audio advantage is a great one because the eyes of the driver need to be on the road, not on the display of the radar detector.

Battery life is another thing to consider, but it’s certainly difficult to know how much it can actually last without reading some of the best radar detector reviews.

If you want to install the detector on your dashboard, it might also be a good idea to check on the materials it is made of, to make sure it’s reliable enough and doesn’t end up melting in the hot summer sun. Products that are produced overseas and come from relatively unknown manufacturers might eventually prove to be useless if you’re looking for a dependable device.



Dash mount detectors vs. remote detectors


In order for them to efficiently capture signal, dash mount detectors need to be installed at the height of a rearview mirror. It’s easy to understand that they thus become a temptation for thieves. Remote detectors can only be installed behind the grill of a car. They have to be put together by a specialized person. Drivers can manage them from the dashboard.

Remote radar detectors are more expensive than their dash mount counterparts, but they are undoubtedly safer, since they can’t be seen from the outside of the car.





Top radar detectors of 2017 can cost anything from $250 to $500, depending on the number of features you intend on getting with the model of your choice. Regardless of your decision, don’t forget to look for a device that comes with a warranty of at least a year.



Top 5 models to consider:


A radar detector can be an invaluable tool if you frequently find yourself paying an expensive speeding ticket. Capable of warning you when a radar or laser gun is in the vicinity of your vehicle, these convenient devices can help you save money on traffic fines. Available in different sizes and styles, the following brief reviews will make it easier to find the best radar detectors in 2017.



Escort 9500ix


1.Escort Passport 9500ixIf you need a radar detector for cars this might be the perfect choice for you. It will detect both radar and laser and give you plenty of warning in time to slow down. You will appreciate the included mount for your windshield, along with the manual that will walk you through the simple set up steps. You can choose to mute the audible alerts, and the bright LED display is easy to read in any lighting. This radar detection can also “learn” as it goes so you have the advantage of receiving fewer false alerts.

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Cobra XRS9370


2.Cobra XRS9370There is very little not to like about this radar detector, including its ability to sense laser and the KU band. It features a compact size and two operating modes which will reduce the number of false alerts, and you will appreciate its ability to detect all 14 laser and radar bands currently being used. This radar detector is capable of sensing speed traps and laser guns at a greater distance than similar models so you don’t have to worry about having to pay expensive traffic tickets.

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Valentine One


3.Valentine One RadarThis powerful radar detector attaches easily to your windshield and is able to provide you with 360 degree protection. It is able to detect all laser guns currently being used, along with the 4 common radar bands. It is also capable of detecting the Ku band, and you will appreciate the rear antenna that prevents traffic officers from sneaking up from behind. This radar detector will also indicate which direction the signal is originating from, so you always know where the speed trap is located before it is too late to slow down.

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Escort Passport Max2 HD


4.Escort PassportWith its Bluetooth capabilities and colorful display, it is easy to see why this radar detector is a popular model for sale. The bright LED screen is easy to read in any lighting, and will display the posted speed along with your current one. This radar detector can also be personalized for your unique driving style, which can limit the number of false alerts. Capable of detecting all of the current radar bands being used, this compact device also has the advantage of the included military technology which gives you a faster response time.

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Whistler Cr90


5.Whistler Cr90You will appreciate having 3 modes to reduce the number of false alerts, and there are also 6 filters that can be put in place when you are driving through crowded city neighborhoods. Its compact size won’t interfere with your line of sight when you are driving, and you will appreciate being able to simply clip this radar detector is your visor. The side wheel makes it easy to adjust the volume, and the bright LED display is designed to be read in any lighting. Capable of detecting radar bands and laser guns, you may never have to pay another speeding ticket again with this compact device.

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